Udita patel UK visa

UK releases new visa category

A Chance to live in the UK for high Potential Skilled Graduates, according to Udita Patel and Vipul Patel from Harrow, London – A Leading Immigration Expert from the UK

Good news for highly skilled Graduates who are willing to live and work in the UK. The UK government has designed a new type of category of visa which invites graduates from reputed universities around the world.

Visa requirements

There will be a list of universities on the website. Graduates from this university can apply for a visa .

There will be no sponsorship required nor a work sponsorship.

Visa fee: Visa fee will be around sterling pound 800.

Family :

you can bring your spouse and children under 18 years.

A Group of ministers is willing to bring more jobs and companies to UK , Skilled professional helps to create many subordinate jobs. Which can bring more semi skilled or unskilled jobs.

After Covid situation in Britain is not promising and people are losing jobs every day. Businesses are not performing and the market is going down. It’s very much required that companies could perform well to bring more jobs.

According to immigration experts udita patel and Vipul Patel from Harrow, London. These visas will boom the immigration sector again and will see a turn around very soon

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