Hot SEO trends in 2018


SEO is evolving every day. With creative mindset you can develop different techniques which can set trends in search engine optimization industry.

Hard-hitting competition in SEO always gives us room for various new techniques which can help us to coup up with trends.

We always have questions about what is next. And we start thinking of SEO techniques. Let us discuss about some techniques which are in practice right now.  


Infographics is very useful in to grab people’s attention. Infographics is very easy way to give information to audience and stay ahead with competition. Also it’s very easy for reader to understand matter in a minute. It’s found that readers like to share information on social media using infographics and you can gets leads or potential customers. You should try to generate meaningful content and create infographics which are easy to understand. Always try to do experiments with content and creative images. Infographics should be interactive with clear information and easy to translate.

Content with more details 

We have been observing that content longer than 1000 words are more effective than short content like 200- 300 words. Always try to provide all information in single blog or web content rather than splitting them in 2-3 blogs or webpages. So, it’s all about quality and more information. Keep this content strategy for your website and blog and you will never get disappointed.  

Social media

Social media is very popular platform and all branding strategies should have it as a part. Due to heavy usage of social media platforms like Facebook and twitter, it is important to include them in SEO strategy. Social media reviews plays major roles in building and converting traffic to your website. Always stay ahead and update your social media account and include them in your SEO strategy, it can help to get positive signals.  

Now it’s all Mobile
Mobile users are more than desktop users. Internet on Mobile is now very common and mobile friendly website are necessity. It is strongly commended that make your website strategy mobile friendly, you website should be easily accessible on mobile.

Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Now, Google is fevering AMP. This contains AMP version of HTML, JS and Cache. This technology allows websites to make pages lighter to load on mobile and accessible on all types of mobile Os. So focusing on AMP is worth. Improve Web Content Quality It is necessary to have high quality website content. Meaningful content with proper syntax and grammar can help you to rank well. Don’t use same content from another website, it’s called SEO Suicide .

Meaningful Blog comments 

Blog comments strategies are ever green, you need to improve your commenting style, do meaningful comments relevant with topic of blog and should not SPAM. Do in a limited amount and just DONOT do AUTOMATIC stuff. Comments can help you to go high and can also pull you down. It’s up to you, how you want to use it.


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