Are you hit by “Phantom” ? Google “Phantom” update hits many sites…..


Google’s has  done  changes to  algorithm   to boost  rankings of mobile friendly sites. The search engine has  decided to improve their  search visibility  long ago and was pending  update. These was google’s part of strategy  to improve search  experience  with mobile devices. This was due to increase in mobile users in last 5 years.

It was to be believed that this will only have effect on mobile search and  you can experience with  mobile devices only. Today   it’s been reported that many   informational sites like “Hubpages” having more than 870,000 blogs and covers almost all topics on web.  All blogs on  hub pages are written by writers & bloggers and  contains very good information  about different topics. Average blog on hubpages  is more than  400 words and well formatted  for readers and  search engines. Hubs pages  has very  good search ratio on web but it is  reported by Paul Edmondson (CEO) that  traffic  is down by 22% on 3rd of May from previous week.

 Looks like   Google’s this Algo tweak  is more on “Mobile”  but also  has effect on various other sites like “hubpages” who provides “informational” or “ how to content”.

Google has not provided any information or not commented till date about such types of changes.

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